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If your car plays an important role in your daily life, it is important that you give it the care it deserves. To do this, you must buy the best spare parts and keep their maintenance updated so that it works correctly. At NJAP, we offer everything you need to keep your vehicle looking like new.

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We are a leading auto parts company with extensive experience. We have an extensive and diverse inventory in all of our stores located in South Florida. Our main mission is to provide our clients with personalized attention, understand their needs and provide a proposal adapted to each of you.

We have a philosophy of humility, integrity, productivity, generosity, and honesty!

Drum and rotor reconditioning
Your vehicle's drums and rotors can be repaired at any of our stores, if they are measured within specification and show no signs of extreme wear. Surface finish is critical to proper vehicle braking and pad life and should always be part of a complete braking job. Contact your local store for pricing and availability at the time of your request.

FREE battery test
Extreme temperatures in both winter and summer play a major role in battery failure. Take your battery to any of our stores for a full diagnostic check at no charge. Our parts professionals can test your battery and, if it's about to fail, help you find the right one for your needs.

FREE Alternator and Starter Tests
Alternator: To maintain the battery and meet the demands of your vehicle's electrical system, the alternator must be off between 13.5 and 14.8 volts. If you are having trouble with the charging system and suspect that your alternator is failing, visit our local store and we will go over it with you, inside or outside the vehicle, to determine where you may have a problem.

Starting: Starting system problems are common, but not all are caused by a faulty starter motor. If you have intermittent starting problems, please visit our nearest store and let us advise you.

Bilingual members of our NJAP TEAM
Our team members are here to provide excellent customer service. We are proud to say that we have bilingual team members to help you find the parts you need.

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